My Cléire Resources

I thought it might be wise to make a list of what I’ve collected. If anyone else has anything else they can point me towards or supply me with I’d be very grateful.


  • Aistí ó Chléire – Donnchadh Ó Drisceoil
  • An Logainmníocht in Oileán Cléire – Éamon Lankford
  • An Teanga Bheo: Gaeilge Chléire – Breandán Ó Buachalla
  • Céad Fáilte go Cléire – Marion Gunn
  • Cnuasach Chléire – Breandán Ó Buachalla
  • Linguistic Atlas and Survey of Irish Dialects (Point 11)
  • Phonetic Texts from Oileán Cléire – Breandán Ó Buachalla
  • Seanchas Chléire (1970 edition) – Conchubhar Ó Síothcháin (“Conchúr Ó Síocháin”, in this edition)


  • Béaloideas ó Chléire – Donnchadh Ó Floinn
  • Béaloideas ó Chléire II – Donnchadh Ó Floinn
  • Iarnís ó Chléire – Donnchadh Ó Floinn
  • Béaloideas from dú “Inis Cléire, Dún na Séad”


  • Anything tagged with “Cléire” or “Chléire” that I could scrape from the RnaG site.
  • The Doegen recordings of Conchubhar Ó Síothcháin (Conchúr Ó Síocháin)
  • One short short 3 minute recording of a Cléire speaker reciting some phrases from here.
  • A number of recordings from DIAS’s Glór archive.

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